Equal.Affordable and accessible.Quality health care


Creating a global E.A.Q health care system is by no means an easy task but far from impossible and the solution is closer than you would think.


Health care is in critical need of personnel, there is a deficiency of 4,3 million physicians worldwide. Although the deficiency is true, the nature of health care problems it stimulates is unique in each and every country. Industrial countries suffer from low patient flow, long waiting times and a decrease in quality health care among personnel and patients. Developmental countries are suffering from the same problem but with different conditions. They are battling communicable diseases such as infections and viruses (HIV, hepatitis, malaria etc.).

On the positive side, communicable diseases are slowly but surely decreasing through external help and resources and improved health care. Unfortunately, non-communicable diseases (diabetes, hypertension etc.) are on the rise as a direct consequence. Developmental countries are now facing the same type of diseases the industrial world is dealing with, but without the proper education, treatment and knowledge. This is something developmental countries can't achieve on their own, they need resources and knowledge from the industrial world.


The big question: Will the wealthy countries of the world put more resources into this problem when they can’t even control quality health care in their own countries?


No, that is very unlikely. These may be harsh words but this is the reality we all live in, and we are accepting the problem every single day. 13 million children died in the year 2013 as a result and mankind stood by and watched. Can we actually, as human beings, stand by and accept these types of numbers without doing anything about it? No, because in this case there is no such thing as innocent bystanders. In this case, we are all responsible and people are suffering all around the world while we keep procrastinating.


It seems like quality health care is far from being equal, affordable or accessible but fortunately, there is still some hope. BYON8 has created a solution that can improve global health care and you can become a part of it. You can become a part of a solution that will improve your own life and the lives of your fellow human beings. You can become a part of creating a worldwide E.A.Q health care system.




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Suffering is merely a subject of our ignorance


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