The newest technologies within health care should be available to everyone, everywhere at anytime"




However small or big, however shaped or perceived, all life is precious. Simple yet crucial to our nature as caring human beings. It is what life is all about for us at Byon8 and improving it has been our northern star in our attempt to cherish it. Life seems as such a vast word in this context but we have chosen a simple yet powerful path to improve it: Neo Health.


Neo Health is our vision as a company. It is a next generation healthcare ecosystem consisting of different digital and technical solutions. It currently consists of an artificial intellegence within medical diagnostics called AITOPYA.


The goal with Neo Health is to make quality health care affordable and available to everyone, anywhere at any given time.


Ironically, we should be able to take healthcare for granted in today’s society but as we all know there is always a common restricting factor in a capitalistic world: money. 

Far from all people have the luxury of experiencing quality health care as a given, most countries can’t afford it and people are dying because of it. No one deserves to suffer because of economic differences, every human being deserves to experience life as it should be and to its fullest potential. There is no excuse to that statement but the unfortunate results of living in a capitalistic world are still true and ever so real. 

However, where there’s a problem there’s always a solution.


Some tasks may seem impossible, but it is all in the perception of the viewer. Helping people live meaningful and healthy lives is what Neo Health is all about but in a simple way, complex problems don’t always require complex solutions.

Then what are these solutions and can they actually create a health care system that is economically independent?

One of those solutions is the very core of the Neo Health ecosystem. It is an artificial intelligence and it's called AITOPYA.


However small or big, however shaped or perceived, all life is precious"


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