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Are you a medical student or doctor? Do you want to make money while studying/working and partake in shaping future health care? Then you’re probably the right person for a job at BYON8!


You will be able to work from home at a flexible pace with assignments shaped to match your semester or working goals. You will develop your medical knowledge and best of all, your work will contribute to the development of an artificial intelligence in medical diagnostics that will raise the bar of quality health care.

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Byon8 is a Swedish company based in Stockholm. Our objective is to modernize health care and make it available to anyone, anywhere at any time, regardless of economical situation or other circumstances. We currently do this by focusing on technical solutions within global health care.


In February 2016, BYON8 Corp. in co-operation with Medicinska Föreningen Linköping held an informative evening regarding the development of a medical A.I, as a first step toward achieving our vision. The students’ response was overwhelmingly positive and recruitment of students as Diagnosis Copywriters commenced. The students have since proved to be a valuable part of the company, and BYON8 Corp. is therefore now looking to expand the student workforce.


The process of developing our A.I. is mainly handled by two different teams, a diagnosis team comprised mainly of students, and an innovation team. As a part of our diagnosis team you will focus on creating content for a medical database by summarizing facts on diagnoses assigned to you by us. The diagnoses will be written according to a template involving everything from pathophysiology to treatment routines or in other words, everything a medical doctor needs to know. For students, diagnoses are assigned in accordance to your semester goals, and thus you will be summarizing facts on diagnoses that benefit you in your studies. Imagine that you are studying and taking notes but in a more structured and complete manner. This is basically what your work will look like as a part of the diagnosis team. It is an opportunity to become a better doctor, become more critical of sources and gain experience working with the concept of evidence-based medicine.

As a diagnosis copywriter, you will be compensated with 660 SEK per written diagnosis during a probationary period of 4 months. A minimum of one written diagnosis per month is required. Upon completion of the probationary period, there will be an evaluation and a possible increase in pay of up to 1200 SEK per diagnosis, as well as the possibility of extended employment. The time required to complete a diagnosis is highly individual and relates to your personal skills in writing and data collection. We will supply you with feedback and help you develop these skills during your time with us.

Having been a part of the diagnosis team for a while, you may be eligible for a position in the innovation team should you be interested. Assignments of the innovation team include the development of the medical A.I infrastructure, software testing, evaluation of diagnoses supplied by the diagnosis team, future establishment of care centers in developing countries and much more.

Recruitment to the innovation team generally requires you to be an experienced medical student and have some experience working in our diagnosis team. Completion of the sixth semester of medical school is recommended. Payment is individual and negotiated in a manner different to the diagnosis team.


If you are interested, send us your resume and a short cover letter describing why you want to work for BYON8, as well as half a page the size of an A4 written in English about a subject of your choice, indicating your language skills (excerpts of previous academic theses or similar are accepted). Be sure to also attach a copy of your registered academic results, or a certificate of admission to your medical school. All job applications must contain said documents.

Summary of requirements:


- You must be a student of medicine (or similar)

- You are expected to write at least 1 diagnosis/month



Your application should be written in Swedish or English and sent to: work@byon8.com


Do not hesitate to apply as soon as possible. Applications are reviewed continuously!


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