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Instant, accessible

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quality healthcare


What we offer

How does it work?

Take control 

Tell BYON8 how you feel and answer questions similar to what a doctor would ask you.

Wherever, whenever - Instant healthcare without queues.


BYON8 will compare your symptoms with thousands of similar clinically confirmed cases to help you find possible explanations and causes for your symptoms.

A customized health recommendation will be provided to further guide you.

Consult when you need it

Dr. Montano



How can I help you today?


a dry cough

and fever. 

What could it be?

Do you want to discuss the results from your health checkup? 


Discuss your medical history?

Or just consult with a doctor about anything health related like lifestyle or medication?

Chat with our licensed M.Ds in your country* Monday-Sunday between 9 AM and 11 PM.

*Consultations are currently only available in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Africa.

One app, limitless possibilities

Serving all your health care needs and then some!

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Business model and market

BYON8 has an attractive Freemium business model towards its users (pay/consultation) and a volume-based rev-share model towards partnering doctors.

BYON8 is active in Kenya and Uganda and in a region (Africa) where the market value is expected to reach USD 500bn by 2024. BYON8 differentiates itself from its competitors through its unique A.I engine and by focusing on acquiring high volumes of users within the emerging markets that offers a low CAC. 


BYON8 is actively seeking 1.2MUSD in capital, 0.4 MUSD has already been secured in a first close, 0.8MUSD remains of the round. For further details please read the pitch deck.

*Monthly active users

BYON8 in numbers

Since launch Sep/Oct 2019

End of 2019

September 2020

13K Active users

>95K Active users

6.5K MAU*


5-10% retention

>25% retention

You can download the app here: 

(Not available in all countries)

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