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BYON8 Launches New Medical Package

Safaricom Newsroom

Jun 19, 2022

The mobile phone is now ubiquitous in Kenya, and the smartphone is following in the footsteps of its older relative. This app is meant to make a doctor available and a diagnosis possible in a few steps on the smartphone.

BYON8 has launched a new and affordable medical package for both corporates and individuals that seeks to make high-quality healthcare more accessible, affordable, and equal to all.

The new medical covers come in three packages and include the Premium package that goes for Ksh 695/ month, Elite Package that goes for Ksh 1695/ month, and Beyond Package that goes for Ksh 2495/ month.

The new packages will offer users free access to unlimited consultations, a personal team of up to 3 doctors and health and wellness reports given to you on an annual basis, and much more.

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