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The making of a telemedicine app

Safaricom Newsroom

Nov 15, 2022

The mobile phone is now ubiquitous in Kenya, and the smartphone is following in the footsteps of its older relative. This app is meant to make a doctor available and a diagnosis possible in a few steps on the smartphone.

Dr. Josef Murad was a young man studying for his degree in Medicine at Linkoping University in Sweden when he first came to Kenya.

He was on an exchange programme in 2016  and visited Eldoret, where he got to see the state of healthcare in Kenya, where hospitals are not often accessible  and consultation charges to see a doctor can be as low as KES500 per visit yet beyond the reach of many rural poor.

The following year, Dr Josef talked to his brother Matias Murad and their father. Together, they decided to create an app to make healthcare more easily accessible over the internet by enabling patients to reach doctors.

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