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BYON8 Corporation

Hangövägen 25, Hus 2, Plan 8

115 41, Stockholm, Sweden


Chief Executive Officer

Josef is an M.D and co-founded Byon8 with his brother Matias and father Toma with the passion to create a more digital-oriented healthcare experience.

Chief Medical Officer

M.D at Linkoping university hospital. A highly skilled physician within primary care diagnostics and a true driving spirit since the very start of Byon8.

Chief Technical Officer

Matias co-founded Byon8 with his brother Josef and father Toma. He has extensive knowledge and skills in software, product development and user interface design.

Business Development Director

Recently the CEO at Division by Zero and Sales Director at Qbrick. With his years of experience, he is currently leading the sales and investment profiling at Byon8 corporation.

Head of Software Development

Gustaf's calling lies in leading the back-end and front-end development for AITOPYA, combined with his deep insights from his background as an M.D. Byon8's 2-in-1 talent.

Regional Director of Africa

Her Master's in Public Health and passion for international development shapes her ability to excel in project management and implementation on the ground in Africa.


and many other valued individuals and partners!
Read about our unique diversity and company history below.


With only 3 people within the Byon8 organization since its inception, the company has grown drastically ever since. Today, there are over 25 co-workers within the organization with unique diversity. Physicians, programmers, business developers and a wide variety of other professions are the very core of Byon8. It is because of our team and our unique knowledge that we have been able to accomplish high-quality digital solutions within healthcare.


BYON8 Corporation was founded in the fall of 2015 in Linkoping, Sweden. It was co-founded by Josef and Matias Murad in an attempt to revitalize the healthcare industry through digital solutions. Ever since its inception BYON8 has grown at an incredible pace, starting with only 3 dedicated developers the team has now grown to over 25 members in just two years and the team is still growing!
The concept of BYON8 and the company vision was already established several years before concretization in 2015. All ideas need financial back up and it all started with Josef's and Matias's idea regarding a medical A.I (AITOPYA) being pitched at Liu Innovations offices at Mjardevi Center. Liu Innovation and the university has been a steady supporter ever since and Liu Holdings has joined in. Because of its short history, BYON8 is understandably still in its start-up phase but it is now actively seeking further financial support through venture capitalists and viable partners.


In a world where everything is fast-paced and ever-changing, healthcare can't be an exception. We aim to bring the best health care to wherever, whenever or whoever demands it!