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Your privacy is our duty.

Your health data in one place

All your data is stored securely and encrypted in our GDPR approved database.

You are in control


You control your health data. Decide what to save or delete of your history, health data or any consultations in BYON8.

How we keep your data safe and secure

By working along key partners in the security industry and regulators we make sure that your data in BYON8 is protected by the highest of standards and security measures.

Security by design

Meaning that BYON8 implements security from start as a main feature - not as an add-on.


We regularly attempt to breach our own security to fix any weak points and BYON8 is regularly audited by external and internal resources to ensure maximum security.


We separate user details from health information and store each type of data separately in servers within the EU and Africa.

Compliance department

Our Compliance Department ensures that every employee fulfills their security responsibilities.

Compliant to the highest of standards

EU-GDPR Compliant

European Union General

Data Protection Regulation​

CE Mark

Certified Class 1a

Medical Device

ISO 27001

Certified with the quality standard for information security​

Want to know more?

Read more about our team of doctors supervising patient safety, privacy policiesor get in touch:

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