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Our vision

Taking healthcare into the 21st century

and beyond by leading the digital transition of human biology.

My nail hurts. Time to see my doctor.

Am I sick or not?

Maybe BYON8 knows.

Chest pain... Need a doctor now!

Healthcare has stayed the same way for hundreds of years - you get sick, you consult a doctor, talk about your symptoms and get treated. This old infrastructure is unfortunately hurting global healthcare.

The 21st century of healthcare needs to be something new.

Something needs to change

A global health crisis


>4 billion people lack access to essential health services

7 million health professionals global shortage

40% live in rural areas in developing countries

Step into the 21st century of healthcare

BYON8 is part of the solution

Your history matters

Having your medical history in one place saves time for both you and your doctor. 

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Manage and access healthcare remotely. Rural or urban, we are there for you.

Empower your health

Self manage mild conditions from home and unburden health professionals.


Consultations done the right way

Use BYON8s technology to assess your symptoms and only consult doctors when you need it. 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Prevention is just as important as treatment, track and maintain your health with BYON8. Healthier people = less people visiting doctors and a more equal distribution of healthcare.


You matter - the more the merrier

Everyone needs to pull their own weight. The pressure on healthcare will be relieved for every single person that joins BYON8. Start your health journey now and be a part in achieving equal healthcare.

Our mission

Helping everyone in living a long and healthy life.

At anytime, no matter where or who you are, BYON8s mission is to help you live a long and healthy life by providing you the best healthcare out there. Equal for all.


We live and work by our company motto

"Healthcare is a right not a privilege"

Join our cause

Take control of your health and help providing equal healthcare to everyone.

Download BYON8 now!

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