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BYON8 Medical Package FAQs
You have questions? We got answers.

BYON8 medical package offers you and your family a convenient way to access healthcare from the comfort of your home with affordable monthly subscriptions. All our virtual services are accessible via the Byon8 app.

Find Answers To Your Questions About Our Medical Package

Q: What documents do we need in advance?
A: Your National ID/Passport or Driver's Licence.

Q: What benefits can I access in the BYON8 medical packages?
A: Consultations with BYON8 Doctors on the BYON8 app and outpatient services only through our network of facilities based on the package purchased.

Q: Where can I subscribe to the BYON8 medical packages?
A: Once you have downloaded the BYON8 app and registered you can subscribe to the medical package within the app and pay using Mobile money or visa / MasterCard.


Q: How do I pay for the BYON8 medical package?
A: You can pay for the medical package via Mpesa within the app.

Q: Do I have to download the Byon8 app?
A: Yes, the medical package is accessible in the BYON8 app only and once you have the package activated you get access to free consultation services immediately however all other post-consultation outpatient services are acquired 1 (for no chronic illnesses) to 3 months (for those with chronic illnesses).

Q: How long does the medical package take to be active?
A: Once you have paid for your package and you have been approved you get instant access to consult with doctors on the App.

Q: What is the amount you must pay out of pocket annually?

A: Total amount per month multiplied by 12 months with the respective discounts - Quarterly - 5% discount, Semi-Annual - 7.5% discount Yearly - 10% discount.

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Q: How much will I pay per month for the BYON8 medical package?
A: Depending on the medical package you have chosen - Premium 695/=, Elite - 1,495/=, Beyond - 2,495/= on a monthly basis for 12 months.

Q: Are there prescription benefits in the BYON8 medical package?
A: Yes under Elite and Beyond covers you will get OTP (over the counter drugs and prescription drugs)

Q: Are there Lab tests and X-ray service benefits in the BYON8 medical package?
A: Yes, if you are subscribed to the Beyond package you will get lab tests and x-ray plus the necessary report.

Q: Where can I go for physical treatment?
A: Each medical package has a specific network of healthcare providers, hospitals, and pharmacies—these network services are covered under your plan. If you visit a healthcare provider, hospital, or pharmacy that is out of our network, additional out-of-pocket costs may apply.

Q: Are my regular prescriptions covered by my subscription package?
A: Yes if you are on the Elite and Beyond packages subject to the statutory Waiting Periods for Pre-Existing
Chronic Conditions.

Q: How will I access the physical hospital, clinic, and labs?
A: Our doctor will do a referral for you to our network of physical hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

Q: How much will I have to pay out of pocket before my medicines are covered?
A: If you are on Elite and Beyond Subscription packages, you can access all prescriptions issued by our doctors
on the application after the 30-day waiting period. However, medication for pre-existing chronic conditions can only be accessed after the statutory waiting periods.

Q: Can I access services for any illnesses or injuries which I have prior to joining the relevant BYON8 medical package which you have proposed?
A: Some plans can cover pre-existing conditions subject to loading and full underwriting/disclosure at the application stage and statutory waiting periods.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount I can claim?
A: Benefits are limited as per the subscription package chosen by the client.

Q: How do I make a claim?
A: Seek a consultation on the Byon8 application and follow the set process and the Doctor’s recommendations.

Q: What hospital or Doctor/Medical practitioner can I use?
A: A medical package subscriber is free to use a Hospital or Doctor/Medical practitioner within the Byon8 network
and team of doctors.

Q: Do I need to have a medical examination to join the medical subscription?
A. We require that you fill in the BYON8 Medical Subscription Form and agree to the terms and conditions
that are highlighted on the BYON8 Medical Subscription documents.

Q: Which physical medical facilities can I use?
A: We have physical facilities across Kenya through our partners such as Marie Stopes, Imperio Medical, Menorah, NIM Health, and many more.

Q: Is there a waiting period before I can access the benefits?
A: Yes 1 month for non-chronic illness individuals and 3 months for chronic illness individuals.

Q: What are the benefits when traveling outside the country?
A: You are still able to use our symptom checker which enables you to be able to have an idea of what could be
the problem, be more knowledgeable and take measures.

Q: Does the medical package cater for dependents/family?
A: It does but still on an individual level, we are soon going to introduce a method of creating family profiles.
But at the moment, one is required to have their individual user accounts.

Q: Is there a limit for anything? How many consultations does one get? Are they really unlimited? Even specialist

A: Yes, we offer truly unlimited consultations, we have no limit on the number of GP and specialist consultations.

Q: Does the package take care of chronic illness?
A: Yes it does, however, there is a waiting period of 3 months for post-consultation outpatient services with
Beyond and Elite however you get all consultations for free during those 3 months.

Q: How do I ensure I always have access to the medical services?
A: As long as you pay your monthly subscriptions for 12 months your package remains active for the entire year
until renewal for the next year. Failure to pay your monthly subscription means cancellation of your subscription.

Q: How long is the subscription period?
A: You are required to subscribe for a 12-month period but you will be billed on a monthly basis.

Q: What exactly is covered with the medical package?
Our medical package covers hospital bills from Byon8 doctors, medication, and diagnostics.

Q: Who can use the Byon8 app?
A: All Byon8 customers have the Byon8 app installed on their smartphones. Our app can be downloaded from the Playstore and Appstore. From the hamburger menu (3 lines) within the Byon8 app, you can then register by selecting '' Add medical plan''.

Q: What can I do on the Byon8 app?
A: Visitors can browse and compare medical package options. You can do your registration by filling out your personal information, providing your national ID card number, and completing payment, all from within the Byon8  app.

Q: Why do I need to provide a phone number and PIN when registering?
A: When signing up, you are creating a Byon8 account. This way, you can register and track the status of your registration and access your personal information after completing the purchase.

Q: I want to add my spouse (and/or children) onto my package is this possible through the Byon8 app?
A: Yes. The policy will specify how many dependents are allowed onto the policy and at what premium. Children up to 18 years are generally allowed as dependents.

Q: My child is over 18 years old. Can I still add them as a dependent on my package?
A: No, currently this is not possible.

Q: What if I want to make changes to my registration after submitting it?
A: At this moment in time it is not possible to alter your submitted registration. If you want to make changes to your personal information it is best to contact us at: or call: + 254 743 710 145.

Q: Can I use the Byon8 app when I am already a Byon8 member?
A: Yes, you can, just continue registration in the app with the same email and mobile number that is linked to your
Byon8 account.

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