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Frequently Asked Questions


What is telemedicine? Is it the same as telehealth?

Telehealth is a broad technology category that encompasses using digital tools like a smartphone or laptop to see a doctor. Within this framework are a number of subsets with names like telemedicine, e-health, or m-health. These names have been used interchangeably in the media for communication technology that uses software, hardware, and the Internet to transmit healthcare information or have an online visit with a clinician.

How can the doctor really know what’s wrong if I don’t see him or her in person?

The doctor can “see” a patient via a video call, but in fact, it’s the patient history that provides about 90% of the clinical diagnosis. A virtual consultation can prevent unnecessary trips to a doctor’s office.

How much does an online doctor cost?

Byon8 offers Text and Video consultations. For only 395/= (4 USD) for Chat and 695/=  (7 USD)for Video.

What are your hours of operation?

You can book a digital consultation with a Byon8 GP s 24/7, including all bank holidays

Will my consultation be recorded/stored?

Yes, the consultation, text or video, will be stored in a secure space - anonymized and encrypted so only you and your doctor can access it when needed. Storing the consultations is important since it becomes part of your medical records and you might need to revisit the content of your consultation together with your doctor. For more information regarding personal data and storage you can read our privacy policy on

Who are the Byon8 doctors?

All Byon8 GPs are certified and registered by KMPDC in Kenya and Sweden, and have extensive professional experience. For further information about our MD's please see the website.

Is this really secure for my health data and compliant?

Yes. Byon8 is GDPR compliant under EU regulations and the Kenya Data Protection act. We are CE Mark certified Class 1a Medical Device and ISO 27001

certified with the quality standard for information security​.

Working along key partners in the security industry and regulators we make sure that your data in BYON8 is protected by the highest of standards and security measures.

BYON8 implements security from the start as a main feature - not as an add-on. We separate user details from health information and store each type of data separately in servers within the EU and Africa.

Are the doctors available on the Byon8 app certified doctors?

Yes, All our doctors are licensed M.Ds, industry professionals and  universities to bring you the best and most secure healthcare experience available. 


BYON8 is a licensed virtual medical service, a license issued by the KPMDC (Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council).You have access to speak to a Kenyan MD’s and Swedish based MD’s offering a diverse knowledge set.

Can I only use telehealth for a certain kind of sickness?

Telemedicine is used today to treat everything from the common cold to post-surgical wound care. Everything from migraines to acne to mental health counseling can be treated while using this technology. It’s common today for doctors to use these tools to coordinate patient care, to use them in their clinics, or in the emergency room during a crisis.

What’s the difference between telehealth, telemedicine and virtual care?

Telehealth refers to an umbrella of digital and remote healthcare services, while telemedicine specifically indicates evidence-based care involving medical and behavioral treatment rendered by clinicians. Virtual care can mean any digital healthcare services or remote interaction between providers and their patients, such as medication reminder text messages, online chat or video 


How do I pay for consultation in the App?

The Byon8 app makes it easy to make payments by allowing you to pay with Mpesa, Airtel Money, Equitel, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Credit Cards

How soon can I get an appointment?

Depending on the demand, you can usually get an appointment within 15-45 minutes of your request. You can also choose to book for another time and date that is convenient for you should your preferred time not be available.

Will my regular doctor know the details of my consultation?

Yes, Your regular doctor will be able to access your medical records. You will have the right to decide whom you want to access your electronic medical records that will always be securely stored in your smartphone.

What kind of device do I need?

You can speak to a GP using either an iPhone or Android smartphone via the Byon8 app. Our web platform is under construction and will be available soon. 

We do not support Windows phones at this time.

You’ll need to be connected to the internet. Where possible we recommend using WiFi, rather than 3G or 4G, as this usually gives the most reliable connection. From time to time, the App may be updated. We recommend that you always use the latest version of the App at all times, to take advantage of the latest enhancements. 

Can I use the Byon8 service abroad?

You can download the app and use most features worldwide, doctor consultations however are restricted to specific countries.

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