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All You Need To Know About The Affordable Medical Package With Unlimited Access

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Approximately 4 out of every 5 Kenyans lack access to medical insurance, among the low-income earners. People who lack health cover usually go on without the care they need until their health condition becomes intolerable, or they just keep getting healthcare services by paying out of pocket — which eventually leaves them financially crippled.

Unlike traditional health covers, BYON8’s medical cover ensures you have 24/7 access to your personal healthcare team despite nonfinancial barriers such as the scarcity of skilled healthcare providers, or limited access to transportation.

Additionally, the BYON8’s medical cover is:


For individuals and family members, starting from as low as KES 695/= per month.


From a wide network of health facilities across the country and a wide range of specialties of healthcare providers on the BYON8 app, you can get primary and specialized medical services in a matter of minutes.

Suitable For Everyone

The three packages of the BYON8’s medical cover give an opportunity to families, single parents, and individuals who value convenience in the way they access medical care.

What is new?

Family Discounts

We have discounts for families - You can sign up you and your family and enjoy discounted rates as below;

Duo (family of 2) – 5% off for all subscribers

Trio (family of 3)– 10% off for all subscribers

Quad (family of 4) – 15% off for all subscribers

Penta(family of 5) – 20% off for all subscribers

Contact us to get a quote for a family package: Email - or Call/Whatsapp - 254 743 710 145

To access our packages you commit to a 12-month subscription. Which can be subscribed to in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or one-off annual payments – choose what suits you best.

What are your next steps?

  1. Download the Byon8 app here

  2. Register ( choose your package - Premium, Elite, or Beyond)

  3. Pay via mpesa

Do you need more information about the medical package? Check our website & FAQs here.

Until next time –stay healthy and happy


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