• Vivien Wamalwa

The 6 Dimensions of wellness

Wellness is more than just physical health; it is holistic and multidimensional.

Physical wellness is mainly being physically fit, you would have an enhanced ability to prevent illness and diseases. Exercise stimulates a healthy mind and body. Therefore, being physically fit improves your physical wellness.

Intellectual/Mental wellness such as exercise and engagement through learning, problem-solving, and creativity support intellectual wellness and promote a better attitude.

Emotional wellness, when you’re aware of your own feelings you have good self-esteem, and empathy toward others’ feelings would have emotional wellness.

Environmental wellness, the role you play in improving your natural environment rather than denigrating it and maintaining and living in a healthy physical environment free of hazards promotes wellness.

Social wellness, your circles, and support networks are invaluable to your overall well-being. Relating, interacting, and contributing to a community, establishing good interpersonal relations, and maintaining long-term relationships with family and friends keep a person happier and healthier.

Spiritual wellness does not imply your religion or faith, but the search for meaning and purpose of human existence. Developing compassion, caring, forgiving, and having a purpose in life help in spiritual wellness. This can be achieved through meditation, volunteer work, spending time in nature.

How are you working on your holistic wellness?

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