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Do you know your healthcare options?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Our health needs to be protected against preventable diseases, treated whenever symptoms are present and regularly maintained to improve the overall quality of life. To achieve that, we turn to healthcare providers, as they are trained to deliver prevention and treatment care.

As there is no common approach to seeking healthcare, this article will summarize options available in our settings and guide your healthcare-seeking behaviours.

What does healthcare accomplish?

Health maintenance:

This emphasizes health promotion and disease prevention rather than the management of symptoms and illness. It includes a full array of counselling, screening, and other preventive services designed to minimize the risk of premature sickness and death and to assure optimal physical, mental, and emotional health throughout the natural life cycle.

Successful health maintenance removes financial and psychological barriers to seeking and obtaining healthcare services.


When you have symptoms or an established disease such as diabetes, a healthcare provider, such as a doctor, makes a treatment plan for you and carries out follow-up until a cure or improvement in quality of health.

Healthcare delivery:

Primary care that covers day-to-day health needs, is provided by primary healthcare providers such as clinical officers, nurses, family doctors, or general practitioners.

Traditionally, primary care was obtained through physical clinics and health centres, but now similar or better service is obtained digitally on smartphones through a personal doctor, who has time to access all possible illnesses.

Advanced healthcare such as secondary or tertiary care that covers certain diseases or is dedicated to special populations, is provided by medical specialists. As this may involve long-term visits to the healthcare provider, this care is increasingly provided in a hybrid format, physically when needed otherwise always done digitally.

Quit settling for average healthcare!

Now more than before, healthcare is more accessible and affordable. There are self-triage tools to know the probable cause of your symptoms and what to do next.

Online consultation can cover more than 45% of illnesses without spending on logistical needs associated with seeking physical healthcare. Additionally, medical evacuators transport patients to the emergency centres for quick health fixes to life-threatening conditions.

BYON8 is all in one!

You can now afford all the above services by being a BYON8 subscriber. BYON8 medical package subscriptions provide:

  • Unlimited, 24/7 online consultation with your personal primary care provider, and scheduled physical primary care visits

  • Outpatient specialized digital and physical care

  • Medical evacuation

  • AI (Artificial intelligence) symptoms checker

Until next time - Stay safe and healthy



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